Container blender for pharmaceuticals

Manufacturing pharmaceutical solids like tablets requires using a proper blender to blend dry powders into a homogenous mixture. Having a blender that can accommodate various blending container sizes allows easy adjustment of the production volume.

Blending homogenously dry powder batches using a stationary blending device

The Container Blenders PM from Bohle is a blending system for fine solids and powders in pharmaceutical applications. The system features a wide variety of blending containers with various capacities that can handle square or round containers. Each blending container can be used to mix powders effectively at a range between 20% to 85% of its total container volume for densities ranging from 0.2 to 1.2 kg/L. The blending process is done in a closed system; each container has an inner lid for filling.

The blending system rotates at 6 rpm with an option to increase the speed depending on process requirements. It can be equipped with a chopper that operates at a speed of approximately 750 rpm to break solid lumps and chop small amounts of ingredients.

Product changeover can be done quickly by simply exchanging the blending container. The entire system can also be used as a milling station for bin-to-bin product transfer.


  • Blending volumes from 4 to 12,000 liters
  • Quick product changeover by exchanging containers
  • Significantly smaller footprint compared to other blenders
  • No cleaning required between batches
  • Can be used as milling station for bin-to-bin transfers