Thin-film cooker for confectionery products

Producing excellent confectionery products requires high quality cooking. Traditional confectionery cooking solutions can produce uneven results, leading to a reduction in product quality. They also require up to 25% water content in recipes, wasting energy needed to then evaporate this. The latest swept thin-film cookers are now available to deliver consistently superior results with reduced energy consumption on a continuous basis.

Rapid high-quality confectionery cooker for wide range of syrups

The Baker Perkins Microfilm Cooker has been designed to achieve the highest levels of product consistency across the full range of sugar, low-sugar and sugar-free confectionery syrups. By using a unique swept thin-film process the cookers are able to deliver rapid cooking with superior results.

Using a continuous two stage process, the Microfilm dissolves sugar slurries and converts them to final-moisture. This rapid evaporation means that cooking to final solids takes place with minimal process inversion of sugars or burning of any dairy ingredients.

The Microfilm is particularly efficient, and its continuous process produces little waste with reduced water and energy use compared to traditional alternatives. A range of options is available that increases efficiency even further where this is desirable, including an indirect condenser to minimize cooling water requirements, and systems to recover heat from flash steam.

Controls are fully automatic, with touchscreen HMI that also offers complete process visualisation and reporting. Cleaning has been designed to be quick and easy, using a simple flush through process at specified intervals dependent on product. Hygienic materials are used throughout.


  • Continuous cooking with consistent results using less energy than other cooking solutions
  • Capable of handling wide range of syrups, including dairy and sugar-free
  • Reduced water consumption and range of optional extras increasing efficiency even further
  • Easy to clean and maintain, hygienic construction and materials throughout