Entry-level cooking system for vitamin and CBD gummies

Producing functional gummies or jellies with functional ingredients at an entry-level production level requires optimal product control. This involves maintaining exacting standards during preparation and cooking to prevent pre-gelling and the deterioration of the nutraceutical contents. Key elements such as uniform ingredient blending, meticulous control of cooking temperatures, and precise weighing of gummy mass are vital in achieving high-quality results.

Accurate weighing, homogeneous mixing, and temperature-controlled cooking

The OTC 400S NS Kitchen, from Tanis, is a multi-functional preparation and cooking system for the production of nutraceutical gummies. The system is equipped with a pre-blending vessel that guarantees a homogeneous mixture of the ingredients. It also has a continuous cooking system with temperature control to prevent products from burning. An integrated vacuumizer removes air bubbles and excess moisture while rapidly reducing the temperature, resulting in visually appealing gummies that last longer. The Additive Blending System (ABS) has a feature in the system that ensures accurate weighing of gummy mass before other pre-weighed additives such as colour, flavour, acid, and active ingredients are added and mixed thoroughly. The system is easy to operate through its user-friendly touchscreen controls. The entire system is designed with easy maintenance in mind to keep downtime at a minimum.


  • Production capacity of up to 100 kg/h
  • ABS allows accurate weighing of gummy mass
  • Mixing vessel: 80 liters
  • Precise temperature control with continuous cooking
  • User-friendly touchscreen controls

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