Flexible Output Line For Gummies and Jellies

The traditional method for gummy and jelly production uses starch to keep the ingredients from sticking to the mold trays. But, as an organic byproduct, starch raises concerns about microbial contamination. Moreover, starch leads to coarser edges of individual sweets, lowering the quality of the end products. The use of starch presents many hygiene and cross-contamination risks, as well as efficiency, quality and financial compromises.

Make high-definition gummies that are free from starch

The ServoForm Flexi system for gummies and jellies from Baker Perkins is designed for starch-free production. Starch-free depositing is both more hygienic and economic than traditional starch mogul production for the lower throughputs that are typically required for functional, nutraceutical and healthcare markets.

The ServoForm Flexi system offers the capability to produce gummies and jellies with longer setting times. 3D, solid, striped, centre-filled and layered products with gelatin, pectin or specialized gelling agents are deposited at final solids so no drying is required, only setting/conditioning.

A unique single-piece plastic mould allows for rapid product changeovers. The strong, rigid construction provides resistance to twisting to maintain depositing accuracy and stack stability, and is designed to survive both manual and automatic handling for multiple cycles. They are temperature resistant to allow hot product and automatic washing.


  • Hygienic starch-free manufacturing
  • Variable setting times
  • Product flexibility
  • Full visualization and recipe control