Continuous roller compactor for dry granulation of pharmaceuticals

When making tablets, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to use a mechanical process, like a rolling press for compaction, to produce granules from powders susceptible to moisture and temperature. This method also applies to large-volume products where the compaction of powders requires consistent and precise control of the force applied to achieve uniform density.

Transforming dry particles into uniformly dense granules

The Dry Granulation BRC from Bohle, is a compacting system for fine solids and dry powders to form granules in pharmaceutical industries. The system is equipped with screw feeders that push the powders toward two rollers. The rollers apply precise compaction force to produce uniformly dense, ribbon-shaped products before crushing them down to the desired granule size through a cone-shaped rotary sieve mill. The granule size can be quickly adjusted using a different rotary sieve with a suitable profile. The system has a production range of less than 1kg/h up to 400 kg/h and has a hygienic design using integrated washer nozzles for an effective WIP process.


  • Wide production range, from less than 1kg/h up to 400 kg/h
  • Rotary sieve can be changed quickly according to process requirements
  • Uniform output through precise compaction force including ribbon thickness
  • Hygienic design and Washer nozzles allow WIP (Washing In Place)
  • Minimal product loss

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