Checkweigher for sachets and sticks

The checkweighers for multiple lanes have a 1.5 times faster response speed and 2 times higher accuracy than conventional models with the high-rigidity electromagnetic balancing weigh cell.

Specialized multi-lane check weighing system

The checkweigher for sachets and sticks, from Anritsu is a specially multi-lane check weighing system, utilized to weigh individual packages that are in small stick shapes, like individual water bottle flavour packs. Most of the products consist of granulated sugar. The stick pack weighing system consists of the KW6023F type, available in six different models. All the models have weighing control of up to six lanes with just one indicator.


  • It has Strain gauge balance (load cell)
  • Possess Colour LCD touch panel
  • Simple cleaning
  • Variable line heights
  • Automatic power switching