Industrial food freeze dryer

Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements can be highly sensitive and need to be protected against external such as temperature fluctuations, oxygen and light. The freeze-drying process for these products requires easy up-scaling parameters such as flow, pressure and temperature.

High capacity and energy efficient drying solution for nutraceuticals and dietary supplements

Siccadania’s FD500 provides a modular freeze-drying solution for the process industry. It is a hygienic bulk freeze dryer which offers you high quality and energy-efficiency. It has an external condenser which can be separated from the drying chamber. It comes with electrical heating elements which ensure uniform temperature gradient and pressure across the entire tray surface area. This freezer is virtually maintenance free. It has been configured with special attention to up-scaling parameters such as flow, pressure and temperature to enable easy up-scaling. They are certified with either 3.1, FDA and/or FCM.

The industrial food freeze dryer is suitable for the food, beverage and chemical industries and for drying nutraceuticals and dietary supplements e.g. probiotic bacteria, colostrum, enzymes and allergen extracts.


  • Electric heating elements used for sublimation reduces risk of leaking, improving product integrity
  • High sanitation standards requiring low maintenance costs
  • Allows smooth upscaling making it scalable
  • Delivers a skid-mounted assembly in a standard container making it easy to install

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