Industrial sieving machine for pharmaceuticals

One of the physical attributes that granular pharmaceutical products must have for good quality control is the accuracy of the particle sizes. Using sieving systems with a wide range of sieve sizes and production capacity allows flexibility in production while consistently milling wet or dry products down to their desired product size.

Crushing and sieving pharmaceutical products into uniform-sized grains

The BTS Sieve from Bohle is a sieving system with a wide range of sieve sizes and production capacity for pharmaceutical applications. The BTS Sieve can be used for mixing and dispersing functions in addition to uniformly reducing the size of pharmaceutical ingredients. The system has a small footprint and can be integrated with other systems for transferring products to other containers like IBCs.

The system can be equipped with various conical sieve inserts such as hole sieves and friction sieves and can process both dry and wet products at speeds of 150 to 1500 rpm (revolutions per minute). A 7” touch panel allows for simple operation. The system comes with a set of wheels, making it easier to move or transfer. The sieve housing can be equipped with optional cleaning nozzles for WIP cleaning.


  • High production capacity with an output of 2 – 3 metric tons per hour
  • Particle sizing of wet or dry products
  • Optional cleaning nozzles for WIP cleaning
  • Variety of conical hole sieves available
  • ATEX-compliant version available
  • RFID technology for easy monitoring of sieve inserts used in production