Small-scale demoulder for starchless functional gummy production

Removing vitamin or CBD gummies from the moulds by hand can damage or contaminate them. As with other nutraceutical products, handling of products requires hygienic methods. To lessen the chances of contamination, the products must be removed easily from the mould without physical contact from operators.

Apply sanitary compressed air to remove gummies safely

The OTC 400S NS Demoulder, from Tanis, is an automated system for removing nutraceutical gummies from moulds. The system requires loading the moulds manually, facing down, and sanitary compressed air is applied to remove the products quickly and easily without physical contact. The products fall on a conveyor, and the empty moulds can be collected manually and stacked for re-use in the depositor. The system’s ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue and strain, allowing comfortable and continuous smooth operation.


  • Capacity of up to 8 moulds/ minute
  • Quick removal of products from moulds
  • No physical contact, less chance of contamination
  • Ergonomic design, less operator fatigue
  • Easy two-person operation