Laboratory scale active freeze dryer

The laboratory-scale active freeze-drying is used for dehydrating high-value products that are too sensitive for conventional drying processes. The product is dried by freezing and subsequent sublimation of ice formation, typically in vacuum and at low temperatures, in a small laboratory and pilot plant scale, enabling a smooth transition to the production plant.

Start innovating with freeze-drying technology

The 1-liter laboratory-scale freezer dryer from Hosokawa Micron is quicker and less labor-intensive than traditional tray-type freeze dryers. It offers the possibility of producing loose and free-flowing powder at low temperatures and low pressures, all in one vessel. Ideal for testing and simulating processes, the lab unit is “plug and play”, including controls and all necessary equipment for reliable operation in your laboratory environment. Ideally suited for pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, collagens, APIs and electrolytes; food industry and special materials like nanomaterials, polymers, ceramics, pigments, fillers, limestone, catalysts, glass powder and salts.



  • Smooth transition to the production plant
  • Best features of the reconstituted product (shape, color, volume)
  • Preservation sensitive compounds and high temperature properties: vitamins, proteins, enzymes, etc
  • Very low final moisture of the lyophilized product: high stability
  • Compatible with aseptic conditions: production of sterile products