Pusher centrifuge

Pusher centrifuges are continuously operating filter centrifuges and can have several basket stages depending on the application. Widely used for processing salts, fertilizers, but also plastics, soda and cellulose.

Continuous solids throughput under the toughest conditions

Pusher centrifuges from Ferrum are continuously operating filter centrifuges that are based on the very successful Sulzer Escher Wyss design. The slurry is fed continuously to the product acceleration disc via the filling pipe. The solids are transported out of the centrifuge basket into the discharge channel, from where they leave the pusher centrifuge. The cake is cleaned in the centrifuge by adding washing liquid on to the solid cake.

Various models have been developed with basket sizes ranging from 230mm to 1200mm. The most common applications are developed in agricultural and petrochemical industries, such as filtration for obtaining zinc sulphate, lysine, nitrocellulose, sea salt, sodium carbonate, urea, Glauber’s salt, potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate, linters and so on.


  • Low residual moisture content
  • Adjustable wash nozzles for optimum cake washing
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Explosion protection up to Ex zone 1 (according to directive 94/9/EC)