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There is a pasta type for every mood. Curly, straight, ridged, or smooth, pasta has quickly grown into a staple food. The simple combination of milled wheat and water is transformed by pasta making equipment into a rainbow of shapes, colors, and sizes. But producing pasta with the right firmness, elasticity, and color profile is as intricate a process as preparing an authentic lasagna.

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Mpac Alisio casepacker for food

Side Load Case Packer For Packaged Food

Accuracy is a primary concern for case-packing pre-packaged foods such as milk or pr…

Continuous vertical cartoner

Continuous vertical cartoner

When producing cereals, it is paramount to stay on top of market trends. New packaging forms can…

Vertical cartoning machine

Vertical cartoning machine

In the food industry, a large number of bulk products like for example pasta, need to be packed in…

Retort Pouch Packaging Machine

Retort Pouch Packaging Machine

A wide variety of products that were previously canned are now able to be more economically pa…


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