Commercial pasta cooker with auto lift

Large restaurants around the world can always do with more prep and cooking time. With all the pans and pots on the stove and more chores in the kitchen, flexibility by automation is always welcome. Being able to cook large quantities of pasta, often a staple product –without too much supervision would mean having a big win on time.

Automatic cooking of food products in multicooker

The Multicooker by Firex is an industrial automatic cooker for pasta, rice, boiled meat, vegetables, broths and more. The machine has multiple steel baskets in which the food is put, after which it is cooked in the water in the closed machine. The time can be set according to food preferences and the baskets will overturn (auto lift) when the product is ready. The machine has a valve, to discharge liquid or semi-liquid products, or to connect with automatic dosing systems. There’s also a shower head added, for easy cleaning of the machine. Wheels underneath the cooker, make it easy to move around. It comes with an insulated or heated trolley

This range of machines for the food and large catering industry consists of 21 models, with one or two tanks, from 120 to 480 litres, all equipped with independent baskets. Also the multicooker can be paired with a cooling tank for rapid lowering of the temperature and comes in an electric, gas or steam version.


  • Temperatures with values from 20°C up to 110°C
  • Flexible immersion time of the basket
  • User controls the movements of the basket
  • The optimum water level is automatically maintained
  • The machine stops heating in case of insufficient water level