Vertical cartoning machine

In the food industry, a large number of bulk products like for example pasta, need to be packed in a carton with vertical filling. A good choice for packing breakable pasta and to make the process more efficient, would be the use of a vertical cartoning machine that inserts products from the top and can operate without interruptions thanks to continuous motion movement.

Primary packaging solution to vertically pack food products

The Senzani cartoners VCM series has a production speed up to 150 cartons per minute in continuous motion and is a good option to pack bulk products like pasta, frozen food or detergent powder in cartons. During the production process, cartons are loaded in the carton magazine in which photocells check for correct positioning of the carton. A rotary extraction turret picks the cartons one by one and positions them in a carton holders carousel with a continuous motor drive. Hot-melt glue is then applied to the bottom flaps. Pivoting discharge funnels ensure a constant filling of the cartons and successively detectors control product level. After filling, upper flaps are also closed with a glue application. To avoid waste, this machine can be provided with a no product/ no carton function: in case of product missing in the infeed flow, this specific function prevents the relevant cartons from being picked, avoiding carton rejection and glue use or waste.

It’s easy to change the shape and size of the packaging, there is no need for any additional tools with the Senzani VCM series. The size changeover set includes instructions on the operator’s manual to avoid mistakes.


  • Tool free technology for easy and quick size changeover
  • Automated rejection of improperly closed cartons
  • Carton holders in aluminium anticorodal 6082” UNI9006/4
  • Intuitive interface and video tutorial
  • Quick release of carton holders