In the food industry, ensuring product quality and safety is of utmost importance. This is where industrial food inspection equipment comes into play. With advanced inspection technology, food inspection equipment can help detect contaminants and defects, such as metal, glass, and plastic in food products, to prevent contamination and ensure consumer safety. Food inspection technology can be used throughout the production process, from raw materials to packaging. Automated inspection equipment, such as metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems, can quickly and accurately detect any foreign objects that may be present in food products. These technologies can also help identify any defects or inconsistencies in the product.

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Dairy Equipment Crack Inspection

Dairy producers rely on equipment like spray dryers, silos, and different tanks for the storage and processing of their prod...

Inspection machine for bottle caps

To ensure product quality and freshness in the drink industry, capping is a very important step. Sometimes during the cappin...

Empty bottle inspection machine

It seems logical to implement a quality inspection of bottles and spot any imperfections or contaminants before the filling ...

Inspection machine for carbonated drinks

To ensure product safety, many beverage manufacturers invest in an inspection system to detect leaks and measure the total p...

Inspection machine for canned beverages

Incorrectly filled beverage containers can bring damage to a manufacturer brand or create legal disputes concerning distribu...

Trays sealing inspection machine

For the preservation of food products, the packaging step in a production line is a critical stage to protect items from out...

Inspection machine for MAP packaged food in bags and trays

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) in the food industry is a technology that replaces the internal atmospheric air of a pac...

Non-Destructive Crack Detection Vessel Testing

Using traditional types of inspection methods when inspecting vessels may pose potential risks. These risks include the poss...

Spray Dryer Crack Testing Services

Spray dryers undergo multiple thermal cycles and may develop cracks as the metal becomes fatigued. With traditional visual a...

Inline fill-level control for beverages

For brand protection and to prevent legal disputes due to distribution of non-compliant products when it comes to fill level...

Conveyor belt metal detector for food products

Inspecting and rejecting finished food products for metal contamination is a vital part of the manufacturing process. Howeve...

Entry-level high volume package seal tester

Manufactured food products need to be packed in gas-filled pouches to ensure that they reach the customers without being dam...

High-capacity bulk weighers

A checking weigher recognized for receiving and shipping bulk materials, typically in mills and warehouses etc. It is reliab...

Sensor for Modified Atmosphere FIBCs

Every year, more than 200 million FIBCs are filled with food for storage and transport. Products must be kept in the ideal c...

Pipeline metal detector for sauces

Ensuring liquid and viscous products such as sauces, soups, juices and meat are contaminant-free is traditionally accomplish...

Metal detector for granulated products

Free-fall applications, such us flour, sugar, spices and other granulated or powdered foodstuffs offer a particular challeng...

Standalone metal detector for food

Adding advanced metal detection to existing lines can be difficult and expensive, often requiring major modifications and do...

Metal detector for bottles

For metal contamination detection in finished products that are bottled, traditional solutions require a slow line speed due...

What are you making?

Making compound chocolate

Compound chocolate

Making hollow figures

Hollow figures

Making chocolate bonbons

Chocolate bonbons

Making chocolate spread

Chocolate spread

Making chocolate bars

Chocolate bars

Chocolate coating making equipment

Chocolate coatings

Making truffle balls

Truffle balls

Making cocoa powder

Cocoa powder

Making cocoa butter

Cocoa butter

Cocoa liquor

Making bread


Making pizza

Frozen pizza

Making biscuits


Making cookies


Making croissants


Making croutons


Making dough


Making flour


Baking powder

Baking powder

Making batter


Making doughnuts


Making ground coffee

Ground coffee

Making instant coffee

Instant coffee

Making coffee capsules

Coffee capsules

Making decaffeinated coffee

Decaffeinated coffee

Making milk powder

Milk powder

Making yoghurt


Ice cream making equipment

Ice cream

Butter making equipment


Cheese spread making equipment

Cheese spread

Making condensed milk

Condensed milk

Making grated cheese

Grated cheese

Making instant soups

Instant soup

Broth making equipment


Making stock cubes

Stock cubes

Making sugar coated nuts

Sugar coated nuts

Making roasted nuts

Roasted nuts

Making nut paste

Nut butter

Making nut oil

Nut oil

Making peanuts


Almond making equipment


Hazelnuts processing


Pistachio processing machines


Making beer


Making wine


Making mineral water

Mineral water

Making soft drinks

Soft drinks

Making electrolyte drinks

Electrolyte drinks

Chocolate milk making equipment

Chocolate milk

Making tea


Making mayonnaise


Making ketchup



Making dressings

Salad dressing

Making tomato sauce

Tomato sauce

Making chili sauce

Chili sauce


Making peanut butter

Peanut butter

Making Hummus


Making marmalade B


Making guacamole


Making flax seeds

Flax seeds

Let's make sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds

Hemp seeds

Making cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds

Making tomato seeds

Tomato seeds

Making fruit concentrate

Fruit concentrate

making fruit puree

Fruit puree

Making fruit powder

Fruit powder

Making fruit juices

Fruit juice

Making frozen fruits

Frozen fruit

Making baby food

Baby Food

Making cake


Making brittles


Making lollipops


Making chewing gum

Chewing gum

Making marshmallows


Making licorice


Making gummies


Making caramels


Making nougat


Making dragee products

Dragee products

Making chips

Potato chips

Making granola bars

Granola bars

making cereal bars

Cereal bars

Making rice cakes

Rice cakes

Making corn nuts

Corn nuts

Making shrimp crackers

Shrimp crackers

Making dried meat

Dried meat

Making vitamin gummies

Vitamin gummies

Protein bars making equipment

Protein bars

Making dried fruits

Dried fruit

Vegetable chips making equipment

Vegetable chips

Making mixed nuts

Mixed nuts

Making chili powder

Chili powder

Making black pepper

Black pepper

Making curry powder

Curry powder

Making ground cinnamon

Ground cinnamon

Making dried oregano

Dried oregano

Making cornflakes

Corn flakes

Making granola


Making muesli


Making oatmeal


Making rice krispies

Rice Krispies

Extruded cereals making equipment

Extruded cereal - Cocoa beans

Cocoa beans

Vitamin C making equipment

Vitamin C

Protein powder making equipment

Protein powder

Cricket protein


three empty clear bottles


person holding chocolate ice cream

Chocolate fillings

water droplets on green leaf


Whey protein

Yeast Salt


Cocoa nibs making equipment

Cocoa nibs

Calcium carbonate


Textured Vegetable Protein

handful of cashew nuts on white surface


bowl full of battered nuts (japanese nuts or coated nuts) on top of plate on silver surface

Battered nuts

Multicolored and different-shaped ready pellet snacks

Pellet snacks

Truffle cream

brown bread on black table

Plant-based meat


Sugar beet seeds


Blocks of plant-based cheese placed on a white surface

Plant-based cheese


Cultivated,Steak in a petri dish

Cultivated meat



Brewers grain


Canola meal


Canned tuna

cherry on top of pink-ice-cream against green background

Reaction flavors

Oat milk

top view of french fries

French fries

top view of raw ears of maize

Corn seeds

Almond milk

Cashew milk

Soy milk

Instant noodles

close up of beer glass with foaming head

Craft beer


Ready meals

frozen cake slice on a plate

Frozen cakes

set orange jelly on a plate with whipped cream in the background


two pastries filled with cream on a white plate


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One of the most important aspects of food inspection is ensuring proper packaging. Containment detection and checkweighers are commonly used in the packaging process to ensure that the correct amount of product is being packaged and that the packaging itself is free from defects. This ensures that the final product meets quality assurance standards and is safe for consumption. Food inspection technology is critical for both food and beverage manufacturers. With increased awareness of food safety, consumers expect high-quality and safe products. The use of food inspection equipment not only ensures consumer safety, but it also helps protect the reputation of food companies by preventing recalls and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.  

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