Dairy Equipment Crack Inspection

Dairy producers rely on equipment like spray dryers, silos, and different tanks for the storage and processing of their products. Therefore, regular crack testing of vessels is necessary for consistent product quality and longer vessel life. Traditional crack testing methods though, use chemical dyes to spot the defects on vessels. They may be harmful to the environment, and therefore also the processed food product if the vessel is not cleaned properly.

Chemical-free electronic scanning service for dairy equipment

Bioscan’s dairy plant vessels crack testing service electronically scans 100% of the equipment surface of vessels, silos, tanks, and spray dryers to detect visual and non-visual defects. The process is environmentally friendly as it does not use any chemicals or dyes that can also lead to possible contamination of the products. The inspection service takes about 24 to 48 hours depending on the size of the equipment and the number of defects. Technicians scan the entire equipment surface, mark the defects, and provide a detailed report for the exact location of defects with photos of the cracks before and after the repair. Repairs services are also available and performed by qualified welders.


  • Accurate location of defects with photos
  • Minimal downtime compared to the traditional methods
  • Less risk of contamination (No dyes/ chemicals used)
  • 100% coverage of equipment surface