Metal detector for bottles

For metal contamination detection in finished products that are bottled, traditional solutions require a slow line speed due to sub-optimal sensor sensitivity. They are also often inflexible, incapable of being utilised for differing products contained in a variety of packing types and sizes. A custom-designed modern detection system allows for high line speeds while offering the flexibility to check a wide range of packaging types with fully-automatic rejection.

Flexible, high-speed metal detector for bottles, flacons and jars

The THS/FBB and THS/MBB metal detectors from Ceia offer the perfect choice for advanced metal contamination detection and rejection for pharmaceutical bottles, jars, flacons and similar container types.

Available in fixed or modular belt form to suit your requirements, the THS unit is ideal for multi-product or multi-package production environments.

Core to the units is the extremely sensitive THS detection. This high sensitivity allows for fast line speeds compared to traditional detection units. The detector offers enhanced shielding making it resistant to electromagnetic interference and able to perform in the most demanding production environments.

The belt system is digitally adjustable to maintain optimum throughputs, with fully automatic and verified rejection system. Both aspects are fully programmable from the easy to use control interface.

Designed for optimum reliability, the THS/FBB and THS/MBB systems are easy to maintain and inspect, with quick and easy access to all serviceable parts.

Built-in password protection, data logging and traceability features ensure complete compliance with FDA requirements.

The THS series includes a unique Auto-Learn system for pharmaceutical products. This allows automatic optimization of the detector to all metals with the maximum speed and precision.


  • Purpose-built for pharmaceutical products in bottles and similar packaging
  • Auto-learning ensures the highest sensitivity and detection levels available
  • Easy to use, with fully FDA-compliant firmware
  • Modular belt system for use with a range of bottle sizes and types
  • Simple to maintain, reducing downtime