High-capacity bulk weighers

A checking weigher recognized for receiving and shipping bulk materials, typically in mills and warehouses etc. It is reliable for constant operations.

Hassle free and high-capacity bulk weighers

The W SERIES bulk weighers from PT Chronos for receiving and shipping bulk material stand out for their accuracy, performance and reliability. These electronically controlled weighers designed for bulk materials are normally put to use in grain silos, the feed / food industries, mills, warehouses, etc.

The weigher output is dependent on the size of the weigh hopper, which can be up to 10 tons capacity. These High-capacity bulk weighers are manufactured in welded steel and are dust-tight. In feed and weigh hopper are equipped with pneumatically operated (twin) gates. The weigh hopper has an inspection door and frame to place calibration weights.


  • High performance
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Designed for receiving and shipping bulk materials
  • Weighers are dust-tight