Pipeline metal detector for sauces

Ensuring liquid and viscous products such as sauces, soups, juices and meat are contaminant-free is traditionally accomplished using metal detection of the packaged end-product. Standard detection systems are relatively slow, and rejection wastes packaging as well as a full unit of product. By selecting a pipeline detection solution upline of the filling station, throughput is greatly increased and accuracy of rejection is enhanced, increasing line efficiency.

Integrated in-line metal detector for liquid and viscous products

The THS/PLV21 series from Ceia is an integrated solution for the detection and ejection of magnetic, non-magnetic and stainless steel metal contaminants in liquid and viscous products in a transport pipe.

Available in a wide range of standard pipe sizes to suit all applications, the THS/PLV21 is an extremely sensitive detection unit that can reject all metals, ferrous or non-ferrous, and stainless steel. It features an extremely fast rejection device that minimises the quantity of product that is required to be removed to clear the contamination.

Designed with the food industry in mind, the units are constructed only from in AISI 316L stainless Steel and food-compatible plastics that are EU and FDA compliant. Robust construction allows up to IP69K protection levels, suitable for use with high-temperature liquids.

The multi-spectrum metal detector unit features an auto-learn feature. This allows it to explore the whole spectrum of available frequencies in order to determine the best operating conditions. This results in unique detection performance without the need for hundreds of transits.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance were design considerations from the outset. All product contacting areas are quick and easy to disassemble and clean.

The unit’s control firmware offers complete management of production data and electronic signatures as per CFR 21, Part 11. This ensures complete data integrity and traceability.

THS/PLV-MEAT configuration is available and specifically designed for meat applications.



  • Purpose-designed for use with viscous and liquid food products.
  • High sensitivity with rapid rejection for quick throughput and minimum wastage.
  • Built to last, all AISI 316L construction, with up to IP69K protection available.
  • Minimal footprint and standard pipe sizes, easy to install in any line.
  • Full compliance with data integrity and traceability requirements.