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The fizz of effervescent tablets is commonly associated with a vitamin C boost. But the soluble pill is an excellent drug delivery method for pediatric and geriatric patients. Sometimes referred to as carbon tablets, manufacturing effervescent tablets binds biocarbonate and citric acid that produce the smooth hiss as they dissolve in liquid.

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Manufacturing effervescent tablets with a mix of lubricants reduces scumming

Water-soluble lubricants such as sodium benzoate have an added benefit in acting as glidants when manufacturing effervescent tablets. The anti-adherent properties of the organic salt add plasticity to the final product.

However, the inclusion of other lubricants like magnesium stearate and polyethylene glycol in negligible amounts reduces scumming in the final solution.

Limit humidity to 1.0% weight during wet granulation

Moisture levels are restrained to between 18°C and 23°C, with 10% relative humidity during the manufacturing process.

This presents an added challenge when wet granulation is performed. During this stage, water is kept to a maximum of 1.0% weight by weight of the mixture. Granules are then immediately conveyed to an oven dryer.

Apply drying agents in tube packaging

Avoid polymer blister materials or tubes for packaging that let in moisture and air. The compaction of effervescent tablets traps air bubbles. But if the tablets are exposed to water or oxygen, these will trigger the effervescent reaction ahead of use.

Blister packaging and aluminum foil protect the tablets from the surrounding environment following manufacturing. In the case of tubes, drying agents or silica gel prevents the penetration of humidity and air.

Processing steps involved in effervescent-tablets making

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