Entry-level X-ray inspection system

Without compromising on performance, if you need an entry level x-ray inspection system for dry products, this is the right inspection system you should go for.

Start using x-ray for inspecting dry products

The KD74- f series from Anritsu is specifically designed to inspect dry products. It has a display of 15 inch color TFT LCD and has touch panel for operating. Its structures and functions are suitable for dry products such as production lines of confectionery and seasoning.

It has two models KD7405KP. It has 100 mm long conveyor model that helps during conveyance. The other model KD7405KCP is a model for lighter products and small-packaged products. The detection sensitivity of both is high i.e. 0.3 mm dia and SUS sphere is possible. X-ray output is maximum 100W.


  • Due to its simple automatic wizard, optimum settings can easily be obtained
  • Suitable design and has high performance
  • The shape detection function is equipped
  • Detect missing and broken parts