Rotary tablet press

For pharmaceutical tablet producers looking to reduce waste, costs and  increase production volume, a high efficiency rotary tablet press is the ideal choice. The latest technology allows for a high level of accuracy and automated quality control, meaning continuous production with little user input required.

Flexible, reliable high speed rotary tablet press for volume production environments

The Sejong Pharmatech P210S rotary tablet press is a high performance machine available in a range of output capacities up to 158,000 units per hour. This flexible machine can produce round or oblong tablets up to 25mm in diameter/length and up to 8.5mm thick.

The P210S offers a press pressure of up to 6,000 kgf, providing optimal compression results and minimising formation faults, yet the machine only has a small footprint of 800mm x 1300mm.

Advanced features include a turret-type disk interchange system for quick and easy changes to dosage form, and a single impeller feeder that simplifies cleaning and maintenance yet improves powder flow, increasing the fill efficiency and therefore improving throughput.

P210S also features a fully automatic discharge chute with three-position operation for good, reject and sampling. A newly enhanced compressions roll and dust collection system minimises powder leakage, and the optional integrated weight control system allows independent control of weight and hardness. The user-interface is a fully graphical touch screen type for ease of use, and the system offers full 21CFR part 11 compliance for regulatory recording.


  • High speed, high efficiency volume tablet press
  • Disk interchange system allows quick changeover
  • Can produce a wide variety of dosage forms
  • Optional tablet weight control system available
  • Efficient operation with a small footprint

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