Sorption dehumidifier with air-chilled condenser

It is not always possible to duct out the wet air from a dehumidifier servicing an enclosed facility. In such cases, the water is condensed out from the wet air flow and disposed off through a floor drain or a pump.

Dehumidify at sub-zero dew points with an air-chilled condensation dehumidifier

AQUASORB dehumidifiers from Seibu Giken function as a Consorb but condense the wet air flow in an air-chilled condensor instead of being lead out. These dehumidifiers have a high dry airflow, which improves the drying effect. It incorporates a next generation, washable, D-MAX silica gel dessicant rotor.

The chassis is made of stainless steel which is especially important in condensing units to prevent corrosion. Aquasorb can operate at dew points below 0°C. The fan for dry air and cool air helps accumulate the energy in the dry air.

AQUASORB A-30B/BP: 0.5kg/h*, dry air flow rate: 400m3/h
* at 20°C and 60%RH


  • Works in cold climates at dew points below 0°C
  • Save space with a small footprint and compact humidifier that delivers great performance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and long life due to stainless steel chassis
  • Easily remove contaminants from the system with the washable rotor
  • Energy efficient: All energy is accumulated in the dry air

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