Entry-level high-shear mixer for drug formulation

For pilot and lab-scale pharmaceutical formulations, a high-shear granulation mixer is the perfect choice for cohesive materials. Traditional low shear mixers used in labs fail to process these materials due to higher amounts of hydrophilic polymer. A high-shear machine specifically designed and built for smaller scale operations will achieve optimum results at less cost.

Value-for-money cGMP compliant small-scale pharmaceutical mixer/granulator

The Sejong Pharmatech SM5C is an entry-level floor-standing mixer for pharmaceutical processes. cGMP compliant, the SM5C features digital controls and uses interchangeable mixing vessels for maximum flexibility.

Available in 1l, 3l and 5l batch versions, the SM5C is ideal for small scale production, pilot or lab work, and has been engineered to provide high quality particle agglomeration.

Fully mobile with built-in casters and able to run from a wide range of power supplies, the SM5C offers enhanced flexibility for the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Lab-scale machine, perfect for smaller batch sizes
  • Easy to operate with digital control panel
  • High-shear operation for superior agglomeration