Small feeder with flexible wall hopper

In many laboratory applications and production processes, smaller quantities of powder products need to be dosed into lab equipment or tiny containers. Similarly, in pilot plants where production processes are simulated, lesser volumes of dry material need to be metered and dispensed.

Accurately dose small quantities of powders

The compact Hethon feeder 30 is capable of delivering at rates ranging from 15 ml per hour to 35 liters per hour, depending on the screw utilized and the material to be dosed.

The flexible hopper can hold up to 1 liter of product, but the working volume may be increased to 1.2 liters by adding the optional extension hopper.

Paddles situated against the outside of both converging hopper walls are mechanically rocked back and forth to prevent bridges or rat-holes, assuring efficient filling of the feed screw for optimum volumetric performance, even with very small doses.



  • Suitable for lab applications and process simulation
  • No internal agitation which can cause a material degradation
  • Fast and easy to clean
  • Low power consumption and long service life
  • Atex zone 21 Certificated