Small portable dehumidifier

Water damaged areas require dehumidification to limit the damage and prepare the area for restoration. A handy, portable dehumidifier that is easy to setup and works silently is ideal for such applications. Dehumidifying can be particularly problematic in tropical conditions with high ambient humidity.

A small portable dehumidifier fit for climates with high humidity

The CONSORB CS series dehumidifiers from Seibu Giken use the Consorb principle. They are ideal for facilities with surplus heat or when dehumidifying very damp air. They are also useful when there is a large difference in moisture content between process and regeneration air inlets. Consorb CS dehumidifiers are fitted with a self regulating heater and a high quality, washable, D-MAX silica gel rotor.

The CONSORB CS has been designed as a very silent, compact and handy dehumidifier that can be easily placed indoors and in smaller areas. The corrosion resistant chassis is made of stainless steel. CS units deliver high performance in all climates.

CS-5/-5L: 0.35 – 0.4kg/h*, dry air flow rate: 65 – 90m3/h
* at 20°C and 60%RH


  • Works well in climates with high humidity where other technologies fail
  • No noise disturbance in domestic and office spaces due to a very silent design
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and long life due to stainless steel chassis
  • Easily remove contaminants from the system with the washable rotor
  • Portable dehumidifier that's easy to place for small tough jobs
  • Simplified maintenance with easy to access components

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