Large scale desiccant dehumidifier

Moisture sensitive processing and storage facilities need low humidity environments to safequard the quality of products. Large spaces require specialized dehumidifiers that have the necessary capacity and good energy efficiency to keep costs at a minimum. An industrial, automated humidity control system is best suited for these applications.

Dehumidify large facilities with high efficiency heat recycling technology

RECUSORB RZ industrial dehumidifiers are built on the Recusorb R sorption technology from DST Seibu Giken. They incorporate a silica gel desiccant rotor and integrated heat recycling technology. Heat absorbed during rotor regeneration is recycled to pre-heat and partly dehumidify the incoming air. They are available with electric, steam or gas reactivation.

RZ dehumidifiers have an aluzinc construction and offer multiple PLC control options. They are available in the capacity range 19 – 65kg/h (at 20°C / 60%RH) and dry air flow rate 2,800 – 10,500 m3/h. Some applications include preventing clumping of dried foods during processing, protecting hygroscopic materials in pharma manufacturing, excluding moisture during packaging, extending life of warehoused products and preventing condensation in cold stores and ice rinks. They are also available in an ICE-version with higher process airflow, ideal for re-circulating installations.


  • Cut energy costs with Recusorb heat recycling technology that delivers dry air at low temperatures
  • Minimize variations in relative humidity and temperature, as per your needs, with PLC control options
  • Excellent corrosion resistance due to aluzinc construction
  • Easy integration into your existing facility due to multiple energy input options of electricity, steam and gas