Sorption dehumidifier for large temperature differences

Small, humid areas can be difficult to dehumidify in humid ambient conditions such as those in tropical climates. A large difference in moisture content between process and regeneration air can be problematic during dehumidification. Processing and storage facilities that require deep drying can be especially difficult to dehumidify in these conditions.

Dehumidify areas with a large difference between incoming and required moisture content

The CONSORB DC series dehumidifiers from Seibu Giken use the Consorb principle. They are ideal for facilities with surplus heat or when dehumidifying very damp air. They are also useful when there is a large difference in moisture content between process and regeneration air inlets. DC dehumidifiers incorporate the new generation of high quality, washable, silica gel desiccant D-MAX rotor

DC series units are small, portable and light-weight with the smallest units weighing as little as 15Kgs. They have a maintenance-friendly, rust free, stainless steel chassis. The DC range offers a self-regulating heater and a protected control panel.

DC-10: 0.6kg/h*, dry air flow rate 190m3/h
DC-20/30 T10, T16: 1.1 – 1.5kg/h*, dry air flow rate 310 – 400m3/h
* at 20°C and 60%RH


  • Works well in tropical climates with high humidity where other technologies fail
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and long life due to stainless steel chassis
  • Portable dehumidifier for small tough jobs
  • Easily remove contaminants from the system with the washable rotor
  • Better control with a self-regulating heater

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