Heat recycling sorption dehumidifier

Facilities that handle large amounts of water can become very humid. High humidity may lead to corrosion in installed machinery and control systems. A dehumidifier is necessary to protect the installed machinery in these cases. The dehumidifier itself must have a robust construction to withstand these harsh conditions.

Dehumidify medium sized spaces with robust heat recycling technology

RECUSORB R series dehumidifiers are built on the Recusorb R sorption technology from DST Seibu Giken. They incorporate a washable, silica gel desiccant rotor and integrated heat recycling technology. Heat absorbed during rotor regeneration is recycled to pre-heat and partly dehumidify the incoming air.

The compact R-units have a stainless steel construction and offer a long life of robust performance in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are suitable for small to medium sized storage and processing facilities as well as museums, power plants and pumping stations.

The R series dehumidifiers are available in the following capacities:
R-060BR: 4.6kg/h*, dry air flow rate 1,000m3/h
R-51/61R: 7.3-10kg/h*, dry air flow rate 1,250– 1,450m3/h
* at 20°C and 60%RH


  • Cut energy costs with Recusorb heat recycling technology that delivers dry air at low temperatures
  • Save space with a small footprint and compact humidifier that delivers great performance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and good hygiene due to stainless steel chassis and panels
  • Easily remove contaminants from the system with the washable rotor
  • Easy installation with duct connection

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