Single and double layer tablet press

High performance tablet presses that are capable of producing both single and double-layer tablets offer the maximum flexibility to a multi-product production environment. Rapid changeover, simple operation and high volumes with minimum rejection rate are all key features required by modern pharmaceutical production.

High volume, double-layer capable tablet press that increases productivity by 30%

The Sejong Pharmatech P320D and P580D series of double-layer capable tablet presses have been designed to offer immediate productivity improvements to tablet production lines. Designed to provide up to 10,000kgf of pressure and outputs of over 720,000 units per hour of single tablets and over 160,000 units per hour of double-layer tablet, these units offer some of the highest levels of performance.

The P320D and P580D series features an efficient single impeller feed system, reducing the number of parts required, simplifying and speeding up cleaning and maintenance. A new design of powder feed pipe improves powder flow, allowing for greater efficiency and higher output compared to other press designs.

The user interface is based on a clear 15” touch screen display, with clear and simple layout and controls. Advanced features include a completely graphical error display system in case of malfunction or performance issue, directing operator to the fault for rapid resolution. The operating system is fully 21CFR part 11 compatible, meaning record keeping for regulatory compliance and optimum performance is simple.

The P320D and P580D features a fully automatic discharge chute with sample gate. Rejected tablets are also automatically sorted when the machine sensors detect a defective tablet or as a result of the automatic weight control system. For double-layer tablet production, 1st layer sampling is available to ensure quality across both layers.

All punches and rails are protected by advanced load cells that constantly monitor the machine performance and prevent these vital parts from damage, prolonging machine life and reducing maintenance. Upper and lower punches benefit from an automated lubrication system, removing the need for operator input.


  • High capacity, fully flexible tablet presses with features designed for reduced maintenance
  • Double-layer capable with first layer sampling
  • Comprehensive HMI with simple controls and full 21CFR part 11 reporting
  • High speed and high pressure for superior results
  • 30% productivity increase over previous generation machine