High-shear mixer

For the efficient mixing of larger batches of pharmaceutical compounds and high-shear mixer provides the optimum results. A digital user interface and fully automated material entry and exit controls increase operational efficiency and ease of use.

Larger batch mixing with high levels of automation and control

The Sejong Pharmatech M Series is a production-scale high-shear mixer with advanced features. Available in a range of sizes to suit your exact requirements, it’s able to mix batches of up to 600 litres.

The M Series mixers features fully automatic openings and a specially designed outlet that allows for the complete discharge of the completed mixture.

Digital control touch panel allows for easy single-person operation and the machine has achieved full ATEX Mechanical Equipment certification.


  • High speed, high-shear production volume mixer
  • Available in a variety of sizes to meet your exact requirements
  • Fully automatic vessel entry, and complete discharge system
  • Touch screen control for simple operation

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