Strip packaging machine for effervescent tablets

Pack your effervescent tablets with extreme precision and care at a speed of up to 3300 tablets per minute.

Strip packaging machine for highly sensitive products

The Romaco Siebler HM 1E Strip Packaging Machines meet even the strictest requirements for processing highly sensitive products. All processes are carried out as gently as possible and with extreme precision and care.

It can produce 1200 to 3300 tablets per minute and have a weight of 2500 to 3500 kg depending on the machine configuration. Basic dimensions of the machines are 3150 x 1350 x 1700 (L x W x H, in mm).


  • Short heating phase helps you get production started fast
  • Tightly sealed seams guarantee premium sealing quality
  • Reproducible sealing parameters
  • Optimal access for rapid cleaning and maintenance
  • Can pack maximum 3300 tablets per minute