Dust-tight metal detector for tablets

For FDA-compliant production of tablets, the elimination of airborne dust containing active ingredients is vital. Traditional metal detection systems are not easy to add to existing lines as they are not designed to deal with these particulates. A purpose-made dust-tight metal detector than can be simply placed in-line with existing lines provides the most cost-effective anti-contamination solution.

High-precision metal detection and rejection for tablet production

The THS/PH21-DT range of metal detectors from Ceia has been purpose-designed for use in tablet production.

Able to accept outputs directly from tablet presses and pass through to dedusters from a wide range of manufacturers, the TS/PH21-DT is fully GMP-compliant.

The maintenance-free design has a transit tunnel and ejection system that is completely sealed.

Extremely high precision is guaranteed thanks to fully automated self-calibration and testing, together with a shielded design that eliminates electromagnetic interference commonly found in production areas.

Full FDA compliance is assured thanks to automatic monitoring and data capture, as well as full password-controlled operator access, ensuring data security.

Highly sensitive detection finds even the smallest contamination by ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel and automatically rejects product for maximum protection.


  • Completely dust-tight and integrates directly with all tablet presses and dedusters
  • High sensitivity with electromagnetic shielding for operating in tough environments
  • Full FDA compliance with network data collection
  • Maintenance-free design and operation
  • Rugged construction ensures longevity and trouble-free operation