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Gummies are a very popular confectionery, because they are versatile and appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Another reason for the popularity of this delicious candy is the fact that it’s easy to produce, particularly in small quantities. For medium to large scale production of gummies, there is a multitude of gummy manufacturing equipment to help ensure that you end up with a good product.

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All the ingredients you need to produce gummies

Gelatin is the most important ingredient in gummies production, as it helps hold gummies together and gives them their texture. In addition to gelatin, you need water and a sweetener, which could be fruit flavors or just plain sugar. Corn syrup, citric acid, and starch help extend the gummy’s shelf life.

Gelatin, however, contains collagen, which is obtained from animals. As such, it’s a non-starter for people looking for a vegan or vegetarian jelly candy. Beeswax can be an alternative, but again, it’s derived from an animal, which is the case with shellac as well. The best ingredient for making vegan gummies is agar-agar powder. It comes from plants (seaweed), and offers the same consistency as gelatin. You’ll probably be unable to tell the difference between gummy bear’s made with gelatin and ones made with agar-agar. The taste doesn’t take a hit either.

Controlling the temperature with gummy making equipment and processes

Temperature is an important determiner of the texture of gummies during production, so you need to be careful with it in order to maintain a high quality end product.

For medium to large scale production, a gummy making machine automates the process, reducing the chances for error. After gathering the ingredients in specific quantities, load them into the equipment’s mixing and melting tanks. Set the heat to around 60° C (140° F) and let the gummy making equipment compound the ingredients for about 3 hours.

Test a sample to ensure that it fulfills quality standards, then pump the mixture to the machine’s molding station. At this stage, the mixture takes the shape of the molds and then solidifies. Finally, conveyors move the gummies to the packaging stage and allow them to dry for about 72 hours.

How about gummies with vitamins?

Apart from a few additional steps, the process of making vitamin gummies is similar to that of regular ones. Depending on how healthy or loaded with vitamins you want your gummy to be, you need to add a few extra ingredients to your base. In that case, a stand mixer can help get a good blend, if you’re making gummies manually. The next step would then be to cook the mixture until it nearly boils and then stir in vitamin C powder. If you’re using gummy making machines, introduce the vitamin C powder to your ingredients and load them into the equipment’s mixing and melting tanks, then continue with the same general process. When adding supplements to your gummies, check the recommended daily dosage for each so you don’t exceed them.

Processing steps involved in gummies making

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