Continuous mixer for pumpable media

In the food industry, mixing processes often involve solid and liquid combinations such as flour and vegetable oil or milk powder and water. Conventional technologies perform these processes in batches. However, a continuous system able to mix multiple dry and wet ingredients simplifies the production process and ensures product consistency.

Compounding and mixing of powders and grains with liquid ingredients

The Various Mix, from Hansa Mixer, is a versatile mixing system that compounds and mixes up to 3 dry substances (including powder and granules) with up to 10 liquid substances. The capacities of the mixing vessels range from 60 to 100 liters, and the speeds of the mixing head and the eccentric screw pump are regulated by a frequency converter.

The mixing head and frame are  made entirely of stainless steel and the removable sheet-metal plates make the mechanical components easily accessible.Recipes can be adjusted through its touchscreen controls. System options include automatic filling devices for the dry substance hopper, automatic dosing of additives, volumetric or gravimetric flow metering, and remote control operation. The mixer’s frame has 4 or more caster wheels for improved mobility.


  • High output range from 160 – 1,300 kg/h to 1,000 – 10,000 kg/h
  • Can mix multiple dry and liquid substances
  • Easy adjustable to recipe through touchscreen operation
  • Closed mixing system prevents dust contamination
  • Caster wheels improve mobility