Pressure cooker for caramel and soft candy

Prepare your ingredients for soft candy production. This is a highly flexible continuous cooking system that is capable of processing a wide variety of mixed ingredients under a completely controlled range of conditions. It produces a consistent soft confectionery product with an infinite range of color, flavor, and texture.

Consistent, soft candy cooking with extremely flexible process controls

The Candyflex system from Ter Braak is a highly flexible Pressure cooker for caramel and soft candy with working capacities from 300 to 1000 kg/h. The system consists of a three-stage process including pre-dissolving and caramelizing under pressure, film cooking/evaporating with or without vacuum conditions, and vacuuming which, either subject the substrate to vacuum, or simply uses the vacuum chamber as a buffer vessel. The system allows complete control of critical process variables through the three stages allowing the user to develop a flavor and texture profile that is perfectly suited to their product.



  • Continuous capacities from 300 kg/h to 1000 L/h
  • Consistently produce high-quality caramel chew, milk chew, grained, and multi-color chewy products
  • Suitable for a wide variety of substrate processing including sugar-free recipes