Cooker for gums and jellies

Prepare your ingredients for use in gummy and jelly products. This is a static cooking system designed for the production of all colloidal-based products like gums and jellies.

Consistent and efficient cooking for jellies

This cooker is highly versatile and well suited to the production of all jelly-type products including ingredients such as starches, gelatin, pectin, gum Arabic, and agar. It is also capable of preparing soft candies. This system is distinguished by its high efficiency. Energy input, raw material consumption, and colloid use are all reduced from traditional cooking systems. Production capacities from 1,200 kg/h to 5,000 kg/h are available.



  • Stainless steel construction
  • Built to the most recent hygienic standards
  • Wide variety of input ingredients
  • Up to 5000 kg/h production capacity