Batch cooker for hard candy

Prepare your ingredients for the production of hard candy. This is a line of universal candy cookers for the production of hard and soft candies. The line includes batch cookers with manually fed raw ingredients (TBK-50) as well as fully automatic continuous cookers with batch-wise output. Up to 1,300 kg/h are possible (TBK-1300). TBK cookers are designed to fit a wide variety of customer process needs.

Consistent and efficient continuous batch cooking

The TBK line from Ter Braak is a batched output cooking system with continuous or batched raw material input for the production of both hard and soft confectionery products. The batched input models (TBK-50 and TBK-50/50) consist of a jacketed boiling pan for steam heating, stirrers, a vacuum head, and a tilt-turn output pan. Continuous input models (TBK-750 and TBK-1300) feature a highly controllable steam-heated coil cooking system and fully automatic batch output. These cookers are optimized for slurry input of basic raw materials from Ter Braak’s Coolmix system, but TBK-50 includes an opening for the manual introduction of raw materials. Control and integration options exist for PLC systems as well as highly automated Supervisory, control, and data acquisition (SCADA) for complete system optimization.



  • Continuous batched output from 200 to 1300 kg/h
  • Footprint: 1.75M x 1.2M (TBK-50); 2.05M x 1.25M (TBK-50/50); 1.4M x 2.9M (TBK-750 and TBK-1300)
  • Highly flexible output
  • Precise heat management and substrate temperature control