Bagger with mechanical driven jaw actuation

If you want to pack into unique bag styles like Quad-seal and Doypack, but you don’t require acceleration & deceleration, you can save costs by choosing a bagger with a mechanical drive.

Steady speed vertical form fill sealing

The VikingMašek Intermittent Bagmaker series (M250, M400, M500 ) are high-performance vertical form fill and seal machines. Its rugged construction and enclosed jaw drive enables hassle-free packaging in dusty or wet environments.

It can accommodate multiple bag designs and dimensions with high speed and accuracy. It can produce maximum up to 70-100 bags per minute and handles bag sizes from 50 x 60 mm (M250) up to 500 x 600 mm (M500).

This vertical bagger is perfect for packaging quad seal, flat bottom, doy style, brick fold down/tape down, and pillow bags, snacks, candy, coffee, fresh and frozen fruit and more.


  • 70-100 bags per minute
  • Can be operated in dusty and wet environment
  • Prevents bottle necking
  • Can pack a large variety of bags
  • Fast, efficient, flexible and reliable

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