High precision dosing system for liquid media

Producing confectionery and bakery products implies mixing large amounts of liquids of different viscosities. Deviations in dosage lead to inconsistencies in the final product, so a dosing system for pumpable ingredients must be able to handle varying viscosities accurately.

Dosing multiple liquid mediums with different viscosities and pH level

The Dosing Systems, from Hansa Mixer, is a  fully customizable solution in regards to the product application and required operating capacity. The system allows up to 5 strands per dosing station, each accommodating 5 or more additives for products with multiple ingredients. Dosing stations are designed to mix mediums of different viscosities and can be operated at different speeds. Mixing medium can also be adjustedaccording to their inline pH levels and viscosity measurements. The mixing system only processes minimal quantities of the medium, leading to lesser waste and consistent product quality.


  • Custom-tailored design according to mixing requirements and production capacity
  • Can dose liquid mediums of multiple additives
  • Minimum product waste
  • Accommodates liquids of different viscosity and pH level
  • Ageing process of the material is avoided