Bag-in-Bag machine

If you are looking for a compact packing machine that packs multiple smaller packs in one master bag; this automated product is exactly what you need.

Compact bag-in-bag machine for packing applications

The VikingMašek Intermittent Bag maker (M250 BiB) is a machine for all types of bag-in-bag applications, from airline/hotel single serves coffee packs to multiple smaller packs in one master bag. This Bag-in-Bag machine has enclosed, direct jaw drive, that provides you with years of smooth maintenance and free operation.

This vertical Bag-in-Bag machine is perfect for packaging from small to large bags of snacks, coffee, pet food, hardware products and more.


  • Rugged and Compact Design
  • Economical in price
  • Packs multiple small bags in one large bag
  • Can pack 60 bags per minute

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