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Freezing ready foods is a science in its own right. The process must be performed quickly to retain the quality, but decreasing temperatures too fast forms crystals, reducing shelf-life and distorting organoleptic properties. Apart from industrial freezers, frozen food production technology specialized packaging equipment that protects the items from freezer burn and cold chain degradation.

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French fries processing line

French fries processing line

Mass-producing french fries from raw potatoes requires a series of steps and various equipment f…

Mpac Alisio casepacker for food

Side Load Case Packer For Packaged Food

Accuracy is a primary concern for case-packing pre-packaged foods such as milk or pr…

Washdown Cartoner For Frozen Foods

Washdown Cartoner For Frozen Foods

When packing frozen foods into cartons, your packaging system should be cleaned by wash-d…

Spiral Proofer

Spiral Proofer

Bakeries that serve products like croissants, pastries and other baked goodies need to maintain constant tempera…

Palletizing robot arm

Palletizing robot arm

For high speed palletizing, palletizing high payloads, or just where greater flexibility is required, in…

Stories about frozen food

  • The need for speed - Let's pack 180 frozen pizzas a minute

    The need for speed - Let's pack 180 frozen pizzas a minute

    Frozen pizza has come a long way since the Celentano brothers first commercialized it in 1957. To completely grasp how much this comfort food has taken over, consider that Italy, the country where fresh pizza originated, is now the third-largest player in the frozen pizza market in Europe. To learn more about the challenges of mass-producing frozen pizza, we spoke with pizza cartoning experts Luc Smeets and Michael Weber from the <a href="https://mpac-group.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Mpac Group</a>, specializing in packaging automation. …

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