Spiral Proofer

Bakeries that serve products like croissants, pastries and other baked goodies need to maintain constant temperature and humidity during proofing or final fermentation process. This allows all the dough to rise evenly before loading it to the oven.

Controlling temperature and humidity for even proofing of baked goods

The Spiral Proofer from Orange Freezing is a system for proofing baked products in a precisely controlled temperature environment. The system features Orange Freezing’s Opti Flow horizontal airflow design that maintains the temperature and air speed all throughout the proofing process. It is composed of a hygienic box with a spiral assembly and an evaporator inside. The baked goods are loaded on the spiral assembly, where temperature and humidity are controlled until the entire proofing process is completed. The box has stainless steel walls and ceiling with floors that are insulated. The bearings and drives for the spiral assembly are placed outside the chamber for hygienic purposes and quick maintenance. The box is also equipped with adjustable feet for quick installation.


  • Fully utilized space thanks to freestanding modular building
  • Hygienic chamber with HACCP design
  • Precise temperature and humidity control
  • High capacity coils
  • Quick maintenance for bearings and drives