Washdown Cartoner For Frozen Foods

When packing frozen foods into cartons, your packaging system should be cleaned by wash-down using corrosive substances or high-pressure water to clean the surfaces that contact the food.

Pack frozen foods in cartons with a smart hygienic system

The MAESTRO Cartoner, from Mpac, is an automated side-load cartoning system for packing frozen pizza, ice cakes, frozen fruits, and ice creams. It’s made of hygienic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and equipped with a dedicated infeed system for bags, pouches, flow-wrapped products, and other tailored solutions. The system can accommodate a wide range of carton sizes and types, such as display cartons, flip top cartons and pre-glued sleeves and has Intelligent Machine Interface (iMi) in place for automatic changeovers and machine status information. Processes in the system include precise carton erecting, loading, transportation, and closing. The entire system is servo-driven and directly coupled to its components, reducing wear and prolonging operating life.


  • Open frame for easy maintenance and product flow visibility
  • High productivity, fewer stops with a 98% OEE rating
  • Max. output: 500 cartons/ min
  • Quick and automatic changeover
  • Direct coupling of servo and components for minimum wear