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Moulding machine for rolled bread

As great snacks and accompaniments to meals rolled bread is a staple product in commercial bakeries. A roll molding machine ...

Automatic book-moulding system

Closes ‘book-moulds’ in order to produce eggs, balls, sea shells, and other 3-dimensional figures.

Semi-automatic moulding line for solid chocolates

Perfect for scaling up your production of tablets or filled chocolates.

Moulding line for pralines, tablets and cups

To automatize the process of moulding pralines, tablets, and cups in artisan productions.

Low Output Production Line for Gummies and Jellies

The original technique for making gums and jellies exploited the non-stick properties of starch to form candies. However, th...

Horizontal cooling tunnels for chocolate moulds

The perfect tunnel for semi-automatic production lines.

Starch-free depositor systems for jelly

Traditional depositing for jellies and gummies requires the use of starch moulds. These don...

Flexible Output Line For Gummies and Jellies

The traditional method for gummy and jelly production uses starch to keep the ingredients from sticking to the mold trays. B...

High Output Industrial Production Line for Gummies and Jellies

Mainstream technology for the preparation of gummies and jellies relies on a coating of starch on mold trays to avoid the st...

Semi-automatic dough sheeter

There is a wide range of commercial dough sheeters available, many of which are purpose-built for specific bakery processes ...

Automatic bread dough sheeter

Dough for speciality breads must first be rolled into sheets of varying thickness, to facilitate forming of rolls, bread sti...

Entry level bean-to-bar machine

The production of high-quality chocolate from the bean can often be out of the reach of small producers, who often have had ...

Compact 4-arm spinner for chocolate

For small productions or lab use in the manufacturing of chocolate hollow figures.

Big scale chocolate spinner

For larger production capacities of chocolate hollow figures.

Starch-free depositor for soft confectionery

Soft confectionery such as toffees, fondants, fudges and jellies have traditionally proved d...

Starch-free depositor for lollipops

Traditional high volume continuous lollipop production can lead to inconsistent product qual...

Starch-free depositor for hard candy

Forming hard candies requires careful handling of syrups in order to avoid quality issues li...

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