Starch-free depositor for soft confectionery

Soft confectionery such as toffees, fondants, fudges and jellies have traditionally proved difficult to obtain consistent quality results. The latest range of starch-free depositors allows the production of soft confectionery pieces that are perfectly shaped, with enhanced flavour release and superior texture.

Starch-free high quality depositing for toffees, fondants, fudges

The Baker Perkins ServoForm Soft Confectionery depositor has been designed for maximum product quality in high volume production scenarios with reduced costs.

ServoForm continuously deposits soft confectionery masses into either solid metal or flexible silicone moulds, completely eliminating the hygiene risks and costs associated with starch alternatives. The quality of the moulds and accuracy of the deposit ensures perfectly shaped and textured pieces with no air bubbles, a smooth finish and a finer texture in the mouth.

ServoForm depositors are highly flexible. They are capable of producing candies with one or two flavours and/or components. Two component products may have stripes, a centre-filling or be layered. Solid pieces such as fruits or nuts can be added, and filled cups can be made by using multiple depositing heads.

Baker Perkins have designed ServoForm for maximum efficiency. By moving to depositing from traditional methods like starch depositing, die-forming or cut-and-wrap, there is a marked increase in quality whilst maintaining high-output, continuous production. Higher quality leads to low scrap rates, and the automated ServoForm workflow means minimal labour requirements in operation.

Hygienic design is featured throughout, and ServoForm features an automated wash cycle. The unit is controlled via a touchscreen HMI offering full recipe control and process visualisation, as well as alarm management and maintenance cues. The ServoForm range has also been designed to facilitate rapid changeovers, minimising downtime.


  • Higher quality results than traditional methods whilst maintaining high throughput
  • Versatility and wide range of options allows easy product innovation
  • Uniformity of product results in enhanced wrapping efficiency downstream, improving throughput
  • Fully hygienic unlike starch depositing, and low ongoing running costs
  • Provides better texture, flavour release, and definition than other methods