Semi-automatic dough sheeter

There is a wide range of commercial dough sheeters available, many of which are purpose-built for specific bakery processes such as plain bread dough and puff pastry processing. A general purpose manufacturing bakery may consider a plain dough sheeter for bread and rolls as a starter machine. However the dough sheeter does need to be modular to accommodate more diverse requirements in the future.

General purpose dough sheeter

The Trivi TRI-E dough sheeter is especially designed to meet current and future customer requirements. This base model delivers a complete product, starting with raw dough blocks and ending with a continuous sheet ready to be processed into finished bakery goods. However, it does not automatically feed dough sheet to the next machine.

This provides a firm foundation for an evolving bakery production line. This dough sheeter meets customer requirements for basic, rolled out dough at an industrial scale. It is especially cost effective because it avoids purchasing more sophisticated equipment until the need arises.



  • Process plain dough blocks into a continuous sheet of rolled dough
  • Avoid purchasing more sophisticated equipment until you need it
  • Develop the bakery production line on an as-needed basis

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