Automatic bread dough sheeter

Dough for speciality breads must first be rolled into sheets of varying thickness, to facilitate forming of rolls, bread sticks, pizza bases, and focaccia. High moisture choux pastry for eclairs and profiteroles requires additional moisture for more flexible dough. The water steams during baking enable the products to expand.

Automatic sheeter for plain dough

The Trivi-Z automatic plain dough sheeter is ideal for processing straight dough recipes which do not require grease or fat layers. It incorporates a moisture extruder especially designed for processing product containing over 75% of water. The machine accommodates different dough thicknesses for speciality breads.

This plain dough sheeter adapts to customer requirements, and automatically rolls out sheets suitable for a wide variety of applications at industrial scale. These include bread sticks, pizza, focaccia, ciabatta, baguettes, flat breads, tin breads, snacks and so on.



  • Processes plain bread dough into sheets of variable thickness
  • Applications include pizza, focaccia, ciabatta, baguettes, and flat breads
  • Incorporates a specially designed extruder for high moisture dough
  • Delivers purpose-made dough sheets automatically at industrial scale