Starch-free depositor for lollipops

Traditional high volume continuous lollipop production can lead to inconsistent product quality. The use of starch moulds in these systems does not offer optimum hygiene and increases costs. By using the latest generation of starch-free, high quality dedicated lollipop depositing systems product quality can be enhanced and wastage rates reduced whilst maintaining high throughput.

Starchless lollipop depositor designed for highest quality

The Baker Perkins ServoForm Lollipop Depositor has been designed to allow the highest quality of ball or flat lollipops to be produced continuously with increased hygiene and improved efficiency.

By doing away with starch-based moulds a major hygiene concern is removed, and the ServoForm’s carefully engineered depositing process ensures uniformity of weight, shape and finish, with no sharp edges, visible air bubbles, cracking or hazing.

ServoForm Lollipop continuously deposits syrup with perfect moisture content into metal moulds. The superior finish produces lollipops with a better taste thanks to smooth mouthfeel and an even flavour release.

Baker Perkins ServoForm systems enjoy extremely low scrap rates, and the uniformity of finished product improves downstream wrapping efficiency. Rapid automatic wash cycle and simple changeover procedures mean minimum downtime.

As well as being designed with hygienic principles in mind, the ServoForm is also engineered for longevity. High efficiency, high reliability maintenance free servo drives are used throughout, increasing lifespan and reducing maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Fully automated process control includes a touchscreen HMI offering recipe memory and complete system visualisations and alarm management. A new patented automatic stick insertion system means lower labour costs when operating ServoForm Lollipop compared to traditional depositors.


  • Starch-free system for superior hygiene and quality
  • Highly consistent results reduce scrappage to a minimum
  • Low maintenance requirements and minimal operator input reduce running costs
  • Improved product quality, with perfect textures, flavours and mouthfeel
  • Options include ability to make lollipops and soft candies on same unit