Starch-free depositor systems for jelly

Traditional depositing for jellies and gummies requires the use of starch moulds. These don’t provide optimum hygiene, require expensive stray handling and starch recycling systems, and give increased product drying time. The latest generation of jelly and gummy depositors use starch-free moulds, provide increased product quality and much reduced ongoing costs.

Starchless Depositor for Jellies, gummies and fruit snacks

Baker Perkins ServoForm Jelly introduces the latest starchless moulding systems to the production of jellies, gummies and similar products. This new process uses metal, plastic or silicone rubber moulds and is completely hygienic. Moulds are reusable and so running costs are significantly lower than with traditional systems.

The ServoForm Jelly has been designed to meet the needs of both high volume, established products and new entrants. Thanks to its smaller footprint and low energy design, ServoForm offers significant capital savings on top of the running cost benefits of starch free moulding.

Extremely flexible, ServoForm is capable of producing solid, striped, layered and filled confectionery in either 2D or full-form 3D formats. Because the starchless system is hygienic, it also opens up the possibility to produce many types of functional, medicated and pharmaceutical confectionery.

Baker Perkins have worked with leading suppliers of pectin, gelatin, carrageenan and starch to develop quick-setting formulations for use in ServoForm for a full range of jelly and gummy textures, and simultaneous production of several variants is possible.

The ServoForm Jelly has been designed to minimise energy consumption and reduce maintenance. Full servo control increases accuracy and minimises waste, as well as minimising maintenance. Hygienic construction and open access makes cleaning quick and easy, and full touchscreen HMI linked to the control system provides easy single person operation and monitoring.



  • Fully hygienic, now possible to produce functional and medical jelly confectionery
  • No starch system and energy efficiency reduces running costs
  • Designed for quality and accuracy, offering superior results at both low and high volumes
  • Small form factor reduces capital cost
  • New opportunities - existing ranges can be expanded using real fruit ingredients for healthy snack categories

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